Path Pictures

Sights from the Path. 
  1. Ancient Lakes, Quincy, WA
    Ancient Lakes, Quincy, WA
    Short little hike on Washington's east side. Close to Moses Lake. Great 5 mile hike with picturesque views.
  2. Sunset Along the Columbia River
    Sunset Along the Columbia River
    Great weather, and an amazing sunset along the Columbia River near Ancient Lakes, WA.
  3. Lake McDonald
    Lake McDonald
    The view from Lake McDonald Lodge is one of my favorite. Mostly because it's essentially become my backyard for the summer.
  4. Thoma Lookout
    Thoma Lookout
    My first hike in Montana. Thoma Lookout trail, 10 miles. Offers several gorgeous views. High pay off at a relatively low hiking cost.
  5. Lake McDonald at night
    Lake McDonald at night
    It stays light for long periods of time around here. This picture was taking on my drive home at 10:45 PM.
  6. Sperry Chalet
    Sperry Chalet
    So many different picture opportunities up at Sperry Chalet.
  7. Sperry Chalet
    Sperry Chalet
    Gorgeous views from Sperry Chalet. Simply breathtaking.
  8. Mountain Goats
    Mountain Goats
    Snuck up on a small family of mountain goats.
  9. Trail to Sperry Chalet
    Trail to Sperry Chalet
  10. Thoma Lookout
    Thoma Lookout
    The view from the Thoma Lookout
  11. Mountain Goats
    Mountain Goats
    Mountain Goats roaming Gunsight Pass above Lake Ellen Wilson.
  12. Gunsight Lake
    Gunsight Lake
    A pristine lake created from glacial run-off.
  13. Admiration
    Taking a minute to take in the mountains and the gorgeous lake views.
  14. Tane Moana
    Tane Moana
    One tree doesn't make a forest but Tane Moana proclaims our loss and determines us to preserve. Humbled by its might, sprung from a tiny winged seed, we reflect...
  15. Along the Whananiki Coastal Walkway
    Along the Whananiki Coastal Walkway
  16. Walking along 90 Mile Beach
    Walking along 90 Mile Beach
    The views got to be repetative and mundane, but they were certainly beautiful.
  17. Scallop Shell
    Scallop Shell
    So many in-tact shells on the beach. It's incredible.
    The views started within the first 15 km
  19. Sunset
  20. Cape Reinga
    Cape Reinga
    The start of the Te Araroa on a clear day.
  21. It Starts
    It Starts
    October 6, 2016: The day I wanted to stretch my legs.
  22. So Long Mangawhai
    So Long Mangawhai
    Looking north from where I'd come from.
  23. Cove Near Pakiri Beach
    Cove Near Pakiri Beach
    The sun was shining and the beach was busy

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